Conference Themes

  • Discipline specific educational development

    Educational development in discipline-specific areas is sometimes organised separately from general higher educational development centres. This theme is an encouragement to share educational development practice across disciplinary areas and problematize the ’specificness’ of practice in this area.

  • Scholarship of teaching and learning
    This theme is concerned with how the scholarship of teaching and learning is encouraged and sustained at different levels in higher education.

  • Scholarship of educational development
    Engagement with the scholarship of educational development is desirable among educational developers in higher education. This theme concerns initiatives and ideas on how educational developers can be scholarly in their practice.

  • Strategic educational development
    To be sustainable and have long lasting effects educational development is faced with challenges such as institutional and cultural change. This theme aims to explore initiatives of educational development with a strategic approach, to target change at insitutional level.

  • Educational leadership/ Academic leadership
    Academic leaders are key players in the implementation of educational development. This theme concerns work aimed at leadership and management or mid-management level in higher education.